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Corrugated Nails

Collage with wrapping paper, corrugated cardboard and nail polish - Trish Chamberlain


DIY WATER-RESISTANT MATCHES - Strike anywhere you want... even when it is wet. - Strike-anywhere matches are my personal fave. They give you the opportunity to use them without a striking surface (whether lost or damaged). You will need clear nail polish (go steal your girlfriends), strike anywhere matches, and something to stab the matches into until they're dry. Dip the match head & 1/4" of the stick into the finger nail polish. Don't paint it on with the brush, it takes way too much time…


Corrugated-paper-beads - rolled white, corrugated card stock, use fingers to shape the discs into cones, coat each with white nail polish, and spray the whole piece with several light coats of lacquer.


Aluminum windows. Regarding nailing corrugated steel, water entry is not a risk at all. They come with a 1" nail fin (flange) that can be water sealed with window tape. The tape covers the nail flange, the sheathing and building paper. 100% waterproof.