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Cosmetic for less

DIY Whipped Magnesium Lotion

This magnesium lotion is a miracle worker. I sleep better, have less anxiety and I'm happier to be around too! The recipe is incredibly easy and ready in just 15 minutes! ::

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Making Substitutions to Lotion Bar and Body Butter Recipes

Ingredients that aren’t essential to the therapeutic actions of the recipe may be substituted for alternatives that are less expensive.

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Symbolises the march of time for us as we age / like photocopies , we copy less and less well , resulting in wrinkles etc , you can't escape ageing , even cosmetic surgery can't help , usually looks silly with strange looking expressions if skin stretched unnaturally , age with dignity !! But grow old disgracefully and embrace and enjoy old age with your loved ones

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With summer more or less here (stifle those sniggers, English readers), it seemed as good a time as any to examine the chemicals in sunscreen. It’s a product that many of us may take for gran…

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This smell's amazing! tempted to eat it! It made my skin feel really soft & less red but didn't do a whole lot for my spot's other then make them less red & go down slightly, All though this face mask isen't really for my type of skin so can't complain!

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veganmakeup: “onegreenplanet: “ How to Scan Beauty Product Labels for Animal-Derived Ingredients ” Some less common known animal derived ingredients that may be hiding in cosmetics ”

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5 Minute Makeup

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The chemicals in your cosmetics

Did you know this? We use 515 chemicals on our body everyday! Yikes! Time for some change. Go to and live a healthier lifestyle. Choose to use less chemicals on your skin with lemongrass spa.

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Look your best for prom think about all the smiling pictures you are about to take. Come and see us @jdtteethwhitening @sandradownie Acne & Skin Clinic in Glastonbury CT for brighter and whiter teeth in less than 30 minutes. We are also mobile and will come to you if you have a group of 4 or more. Book online at or call 614 208 8468 or email for specials information or mobile bookings. #prom #graduation #wedding by jdtteethwhitening Our Teeth…

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