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Carl Sagan's Cosmic Calendar, in which the entire 13.75 billion-year history of the universe is scaled down to a single year. At this scale, the Earth formed in August, life arose in September, and the first land plants appeared in mid-December. Apes did not appear until the very last day of the year. The first humans show up in the last six minutes and civilization in the final 30 seconds.

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Here's The Mind-Blowing Cosmic Calendar From The 'Cosmos' Premiere


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Cosmic Calendar 2016 - Cosmos Calendar

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The Cosmic Calendar: a visual depiction of the universe's 13.8 billion year history compressed to one year.


Especially considering the RECENT Event in Paris, Dates of Hebrew Cosmic Calendar are startling! Started this at the point he is discussing the "Cosmic Calendar" In the Hebrew Cosmic Calendar - one day = 1,000 years. The Fifth Day - began in 1740 The Fifth Hour- Skabat - began in 1948 - the founding of current State of "Israel". The Hour of - Shabat - began on Sept. 11, 1999...

Calendars are usually quite boring, right. And physical calendar just don’t hold up to apps anymore. But here’s something that might tickle your fancy. The 2016 Anaptár calendar is part…


Cosmic Calendar by Megha Sandesh