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Cost Of Divorce


8 Financial Costs of Getting Divorced

Are you considering getting a divorce? Make sure you prepare for these 8 financial costs of divorce first.

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8 Ways to Keep Down The Cost of Divorce

Divorce doesn't have to lead a negative bank balance. You can save on the cost of divorce by following these 8 tips for getting a cheap divorce.


wishing,praying,hoping things would be different is exhausting if you are waiting for someone else to change. Make the change yourself.....

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yep ... never argue with a #narcissist who uses gaslighting such as telling everyone that Matt is the "weird one" for packing her belongings and placing them at the front door, when she had laughed at him and his parents when they attended her grandfather's funeral - NEVER LISTEN TO A NARCISSIST, because they are fat liars trying to burn bridges of people who expose the truth and victims/witnesses.

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Your birthday is the happiest day of my life - birthday gift baby shower - digital print - 8x10 on A4

Hamlet did not tell the truth to Ophelia about the death of his father. He did not want to let anyone know about the ghost he talked to. As a result, everyone dies: Laertes, Hamlet, Queen, King, Former King, Ophelia's father, & Ophelia.


This Is What Happens When A Woman Gets Sick Of Divorce And Mortgages. And It's Brilliant.

A women architect builds her dream home for $11k after going through a divorce and foreclosure

Divorce are expensive, but there is one thing you NEED to do when going through a divorce that will save you a lot of money and heartache.


2013_08_25 I am very grateful that divorce is an option. While I would rather have stayed married if it was at all possible, I am so relieved that there is a way to remedy a bad marriage and that I exercised that option. Being a single parent is a lot of work, but still a better situation for everyone.


This Is What Happens When A Woman Gets Sick Of Divorce And Mortgages. And It's Brilliant.