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integrated solar - A 1930s-era house on the edge of an historic district in Kentucky topped with a thin-film solar system, placed on a standing-seam metal roof. After tax credits, the new metal roof and PV system cost about $23,000, but might pay for itself in ten years, due to energy savings and by selling power back to the utility. After the install, electric bills for the 2,800 square foot house are roughly $16 per month.,


For a cost-conscious 2,000-square-foot renovation located 30 minutes outside of Austin, Texas, architect Nick Deaver took a look around for inspiration. He spied galvanized metal cladding on the region’s sheds and co-opted the inexpensive, resilient material for his own design.


Have you been thinking about replacing your shingle roof with a ‪#‎metal‬ roof? Here's some insight the cost of installing a metal shingle roof is about 20% cheaper and helps you save on your energy bill. ‪#‎MiddleTN‬ ‪#‎roofing‬

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