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Cough inflammation

Thyme contains an essential oil that is rich with powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, & strong antioxidant properties. It is used in mouthwashes to treat inflammation of the mouth & throat infections. Thyme possesses expectorant & antispasmodic properties, making it useful in the treatment of bronchitis, whooping cough & inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. #dherbs #healthtips:

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Richard Whelan ~ Medical Herbalist ~ Slippery Elm Slippery elm bark is a very valuable remedial agent in mucous inflammations of the lungs, bowels, stomach, bladder, or kidneys. It is also highly beneficial in diarrhoea, dysentery, coughs, pleurisy, strangury, and sore throat, in all of which it tends powerfully to allay the inflammation.

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Rutilated Quartz: Reduces coughing caused by bronchitis or asthma. It has a beneficial effect on the lungs, bronchial tubes and respiratory tract, combating inflammation. It promotes healthy sleep. If the wearer indulges in negative thoughts, it will help discover the truth. As a result, it makes possible for the wearer to bring about changes. It symbolizes truth. For thousands of years it has been valued as a protective and truth stone.

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Chronic Bronchitis-inflammation of bronchi, productive cough, excessive mucus; complications: frequent respiratory infections, respiratory failure; manifestations: hypoventilation, hypoxemia, cyanosis, hypercapnia, polycythemia, clubbing of fingers, dyspnea at rest, wheezing, edema, weight gain, malaise, chest pain, fever; dx: history, PE, xray, pulmonary tests, ABG, CBC; treat: o2 therapy, bronchodilators, corticosteroids, antibiotics, postural drainage, chest physiotherapy, increase fluids

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Saffrons numerous health benefits make it one of nature's most powerful herbs including inhibiting skin tumors, improving arthritis & vision health. It also contains "crocin", which may promote learning, memory retention, & recall capacity. Saffron has been used for asthma, depression & whooping cough. The active constituents in saffron are known to produce positive effects on people with neurodegenerative disorders. Massaging the gums with it helps reduce soreness & inflammation of the…

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Golden Milk Elixir

Golden milk recipe - Golden milk is an ancient ayurvedic remedy that boosts your immune system helping to combat colds, cough, inflammation, joint pain and so much more. It’s so delicious even your kids will ask for more!

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Fibromyalgia patients often show Symptoms of Costochondritis which include: Pain in the ribcage and chest which worsens with exercise or any activity. Pain when inhaling deeply, sneezing and coughing due to stretching of the inflamed cartilage. Pain radiates from the chest to the arms and shoulders and, in this manner, mimics a heart attack. Pain is often accompanied by inflammation or redness, a condition known as Tietze's Syndrome.

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Turmeric Tea

Turmeric Tea ~~ Healing, calming, spiced almond milk tea that has been used in India for thousands of years to cure what ails you

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