The scenery is stunning at night, mark it on the list. Positano, Italy visit here with

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Which countries in Europe can speak English English is one of the three official "procedural languages" of the European Union. The president of German recently suggested making it the only official language. But how well people in each European Union country speak English varies considerably. This map shows where most people can — and can't — have an English conversation.

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Africa - where one branch of my wive's family tree originated. Would like to be able to be more specific in where the branch started, but at this point we haven't been able to locate more precise information. Hopefully one day we will be able to. #TrollbeadsWorldTour

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Sweden is the most gender equal country in the EU-- ""[The Gender Equality Index] enables each member state to evaluate and compare amongst each other the progress they've made in various fields of gender equality, as well as where progress is most needed," Michael Gustafson.

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Map Of UK And Ireland | Map of UK Counties in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and in addition ...

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A travel board about Dubrovnik Croatia. Includes things to do in Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik nightlife, Dubrovnik food, Dubrovnik tips and much more about what to do in Dubrovnik. -- Have a look at

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