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Country ghana

Easy Red Red Recipe from Ghana. Serve with fried plantains, gari (grated cassava) and/or rice.

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Christianity is practiced widely across the country Ghana. It is the leading religion by numbers. This makes churches to be the best places to find great gathering. Ghana is on record to have successfully brought forth a lot of successful ministers of God who have gained international...

This versatile sauce only takes 10 minutes to make . Hot , spicy and full of flavor. Vegan, Gluten Free and Paleo.

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Dining Etiquette Around The World #Dining #Etiquette | #infographics repinned by @Piktochart

Africans did NOT sell their own people into slavery. My country Ghana was a major Slave Trading Post. I was shocked to read so many people believe Africans sold their own brothers and sisters into slavery. There were 2 types of slave trading in Africa. Arab traders Trans-Saharan and Europeans Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Criminals condemned to death in various societies for being "Un-African" helped "white strangers" get slaves as servants. Whites turned the criminals into monsters with…

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Ghana. When we went, We landed in Accra and drove to Kumasi... 8 hr car ride bc of the road conditions! But I cant wait to go back

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