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Special Court martial demotes major general to Brigadier General -

Special Court Martial Demotes Major General To Brigadier General A Special Court Martial of the Nigerian Army has demoted the Director 68 Reference Hospital Yaba in Lagos Major General Patrick Falola to the rank of Brigadier General. The demotion follows the conviction of the Major General who was accused of unlawfully admitting students for clinical training without due clearance from the army headquarters. Maj. General Falola is said to have admitted international students from Espan…

I request trial by court-martial <3 Currahee <3 "That was the you've-pushed-me-too-far moment for Dick Winters. In writing, he requested a trial by court-martial. Sobel responded the next day with two options for Winters: denial of a forty-eight hour pass or being court-martialed. He assumed Winters, fearing the harsher consequence, would gobble up the revocation of the pass. (...) Sobel was wrong. He'd underestimated the man's integrity. Winters, his pride finally pushed to the brink, chose…


Court Martial~~ I love this scene: Spock realizes there's something wrong with the Enterprise's computers because he should never be able to beat the computer at chess because he programmed it himself.