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Bucks County, Pennsylvania Orphans’ Court Records 1685-1852 - Thomas G. Myers. This work contains abstracts of entries found in Bucks County Orphan’s Court dockets through 1852. Surname index is by Orphans’ Court file number. Includes the guardian accounts—which is of great genealogical interest, listing heirs of the decedent and ages of children. Minors above the age of 14 were entitled to make their own petitions for guardians in Pennsylvania. Each entry

Genealogical Abstracts of Edgefield, South Carolina Equity Court Records - Carol Wells. Equity records are a rich source of genealogical facts. In the course of settling disputed or complicated inheritances, names of stepchildren, half siblings, maiden names, deceased husbands, first, second, third spouses, and extended family relations may all be part of testimony. Although one suit concerns a transaction made in 1736, most of these cases fall between 1790 and 1820.

This volume contains compiled indexes for wills, probate, and registered births from the official court records of Hancock County, Indiana. All nine townships in the county (Blue River, Brandywine, Brown, Buck Creek, Center, Green, Jackson, Sugar Creek, and Vernon townships) are represented in these indexes, which provide the full names of all persons recorded in the will books, with the will book number

Davidson County, Tennessee, County Court Minutes, Volume 1, 1783-1792 - Carol Wells. These court minutes are important because few records survive from this formative period in Tennessee history when Davidson County encompassed all of middle and western Tennessee. They are also important because many people are mentioned in the court minutes who do not appear in other records. County court responsibilities went beyond the hearing of lawsuits; roads

Frederick County, Virginia Minutes of Court Records, 1743-1745 - John David Davis. In 1632, the first settlers from Europe who journeyed into the Shenandoah Valley were Jesuit missionaries. They inhabited the region that was to become Frederick Co., VA. The missionaries paved the way for those who moved into this region from MD and PA, many of whom were of Scottish, German and French descent. Originally part of Orange Co., Frederick Co.

Davidson County, Tennessee, County Court Minutes: Volume 2, 1792-1799 - Carol Wells. Few records survive from this formative period in Tennessee history when Davidson County encompassed all of middle and western Tennessee. They are important because many people mentioned in the court minutes do not appear in other records. (1991), 2010, 5½x8½, paper, index, 256 pp

District of Columbia Marriage Records, 1870-1877 - Dorothy S. Provine. The entries in this book were compiled from data found in the volumes entitled Record of Marriages that were created and maintained in the clerk’s office of Supreme Court of the District of Columbia (now named District of Columbia Superior Court). The entries show name of the groom etc..

Goochland County, Virginia Court Order Book 3, 1731-1735 - Ann K. Blomquist. A variety of interesting proceedings, typical of a colonial county court, are preserved on these pages. These records encompass suits by local residents brought against each other, local residents answering for their crimes, and county levies. The majority of entries herein involve trespass and debt. In the colonial era, trespass often referred to the use of someone else's land and boundary disputes

The Records of the Court of Sessions of Suffolk County in the Province of New York, 1670-1688