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Why Do Courts Use Courtroom Sketch Artists?

This is a courtroom sketch of Lindsay Lohan. These sketches are made due to the fact that you cant have photographers in the courtroom.


The Flip Wilson Show ~ I loved his sketches! I'm not sure they would fly in today's overly-sensitive world but Mr. Wilson was a comic genius and I enjoyed many a belly laugh thanks to him. A shame we can't laugh at ourselves like we used to anymore.


Courtroom sketch by artist David Rose of Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel on the witness stand at the trial of Klaus Barbie. During his testimony, Wiesel stated that "The killer kills twice. First, by killing, and then by trying to wipe out the traces." June 2, 1987. — USHMM Collection, Gift of David Rose


We are not descended after all to the Abigail Martin that testified that she was afflicted by 13 different people in the Salem Witch Trials when she was a teenager. John’s first cousin John Safford married Abigail in 1702, 10 years after the witch trials were over.


The Salem Witch Trials began in June 1692 were presided over by Chief Justice William Stoughton. The first to go to trial be hanged was Bridget Bishop. 13 women 4 men, would follow. An additional man Giles Corey was "pressed," crushed to death with large heavy stones, as he steadfastly refused to plead guilty to the witchcraft. In October 1692 trials ended, when the court was dismissed by the Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, William Phipps ruled "spectral evidence" was not allowable.