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Howard Brodie was a renowned sketch artist best known for his World War II combat and courtroom sketches. With entry of the United States into World War II, Brodie enlisted in the Army. He became one of Yank magazine's best-known artists during the war. He sketched everything from Guadalcanal to the Battle of the Bulge. He put himself in combat situations many times and, while he never carried a weapon, he worked as a medic when needed. He received the Bronze Star for valor.

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The New York Times Profiles Texas Courtroom Sketch Artist Gary Myrick

Courtroom Sketch Artist. This short documentary captures the rise and fall of a courtroom sketch artist in Texas. Produced by: Ramtin Nikza...

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Evolution of Man and Technology

The gaming evolution timeline and the social evolution of gaming


Anne Hutchinson, banned from the Massachusetts Colony in 1637 for having her own theological interpretations/


The is an example of a courtroom sketch. The photo depicts the late Amy Winehouse showing the court her shoes. Cameras are not allowed in most courtrooms so artists are hired to capture what is going on within a short amount of time.


Courtroom sketch by artist David Rose of Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel on the witness stand at the trial of Klaus Barbie. During his testimony, Wiesel stated that "The killer kills twice. First, by killing, and then by trying to wipe out the traces." June 2, 1987. — USHMM Collection, Gift of David Rose


Celebrity-Courtroom-Sketch-Nicole-Richie -- This is another courtroom sketch of Nichole Richie. She seems frail and the judge is very serious. She is also dressed appropriately for the courtroom, unlike the notable badly dressed Lohan.


The Flip Wilson Show ~ I loved his sketches! I'm not sure they would fly in today's overly-sensitive world but Mr. Wilson was a comic genius and I enjoyed many a belly laugh thanks to him. A shame we can't laugh at ourselves like we used to anymore.