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Cow Definition

Some kids are stranger than others

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Holy cow!!! I know what I want for my 5th year anniversary lol!!!

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Dreamlight Designs

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I will definitely do this with my future babies

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definitely not dinner.

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Cow print backpack. i would definitely use this Biggest sale of the season. Michael Kors Jet Set Scarf Large Grey///$61.99

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure Susan wins this one. <<<<------ Pretty sure? Susan definitely wins. Some ppl above clearly never read The Chronicles of Narnia.<<<<-------- Uncultured swine.

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When I first saw this I was all indignant like "that's not true" but the next time I was in the car I just went "cows" and in that moment I realized I was the American stereotype.

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10 Most Important Lessons Learned About Milking A Family Cow

10 Most Important Lessons Learned About Milking A Family Cow | The Elliott Homestead ...Lol here's one I could add, always place your head right in the cow's side just in front of the back flank ...she won't be able to kick (charity) ...

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Georgia, after your extremely mean idea for the end of your story earlier, I feel like this applies to you

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