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New York fears return to dark days of Seventies as financial crisis bites

Urban decay in New York 1978, when crime and a crack epidemic were sweeping the city. Although a large shift in population is the main cause for urban decay, there is other contributing factors such as the widespread use of street drugs in inner cities. This image can be found at

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The American crack epidemic refers to the surge of crack cocaine use in major cities across the United States between 1984 and the early 1990s. It contributed to higher murder rates, gang violence, and other crimes, and it greatly changed policing. Crime rates have generally decreased since the US' 1993 peak (while I served).

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Here's how the CIA destroyed the man who revealed their damage to black Americans | Kulture Kritic

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1846 ether inhaler. /* inhale it? why Say's "people" drinkssss the stuff... said to be the "first drug epidemic" by rote by some idiots. i.e. such a statement, esp. as a locus classicus... coincidentally, also quackery */

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The Crack Baby Hysteria of the 1990s Was a Racist Myth The so-called crack epidemic was left behind in the 1990s, but the image of the “crack baby” leaped out of the decade and became a permanent American pop culture emblem — and one that was always used in connection with Black children. But it turns out the phenomenon of these sensory-deprived, drug-addicted newborns was just …

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How the CIA Helped Create the Crack Epidemic. Gary Webb, a Caucasian Pullitzer prize winning journalist, exposed CIA drug trafficking operations in a series of books and reports for the San Jose Mercury News. Credible sources close to Webb have stated that he was receiving death threats, being regularly followed, and that he was concerned about strange individuals who were seen on multiple occasions breaking into and leaving his house before his apparent 'suicide' on Friday December 10th…

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