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Cradle Cap is one of those things that can sneak up on us mamas, especially when we’re newbies. We’re so busy figuring out the whole nursing, sleep deprivation, diaper changing and how-…

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7 Natural Cradle Cap Treatments That Really Work (PHOTOS)


Naturally, painlessly and easily remove your babies cradle cap. With this quick and natural cradle cap treatment, babies hair will be beautiful again.


I know this sounds odd but I actually found that breast milk did cure a lot of skin-related stuff like cradle cap and baby acne.


Worked the best for my 6 week old. I applied the Little Remedies about an hour before his shower, to his scalp, face, neck and ears then bathed him with a bit of Burt Bees baby oil in the water. Washed his head and face with Burt Bees baby wash. Then after the bath applied a little more oil to his dry areas. Cradle cap was gone within 2 uses and face and ears cleared up within a week. Great products!