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Craftsman Household Cleaning Products

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Cleaning & Caring for Copper Sinks -®

Learn the best ways to clean your copper sink and make sure it retains the natural beauty you love for years to come at®.

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How to Care for Bamboo Floors

It has been 2 years since I had tigerwood bamboo floors installed. After much trial and error, I have finally found a combination that keeps these floors clean and shiny. Here is what works for me...

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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Hardwood Floors — Bona

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Hardwood Floors — Bona & @apttherapy team up to make your cleaning routine this spring easy!


Tips on cleaning dirty wood furniture. Best way to clean dirty wooden furniture? The liquid as used by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London for cleaning antique furniture is as follows........ Two parts linseed oil.Two parts turpentine, One part vinegar One part alcohol added to old bottle and shook up. Apply liberally, and you will be amazed at the dirt that comes off, while at the same time preserving the patina of the furniture.

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How to Repair Plaster

<p>Repair sagging, cracking plaster walls and avoid the mess of demolition. With plaster washers and wide fiberglass mesh, old plaster walls can be made smooth and solid again.</p>

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3 Ingredient Homemade Toilet Cleaning Bombs

3 Ingredient Homemade Toilet Cleaning Bombs 1c baking soda, 1/4 c citric acid, 1 Tbsp detergent


This is by far the best cleaner on the market....cleaned professionally for 10 years and there has never been a better cleaner...its biodegradable and cleans EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING FROM GREASY CAR MOTORS AND GRILLS FULL STRENGTH TO A TEASPOON IN A SPRAY BOTTLE WITH WATER FOR WINDOWS....WORKS ON SOAP SCUM AND CIGARETTE SMOKE....amazing product! cleans carpets and prep walls for paint!