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Some medical mnemonics: 1. Cranial nerves (2) Types of cranial nerves (3) Brachial plexus (4) Radial innervation (5) Rotator cuff muscles (6) Hand injuries (7) Non-essential amino acids: "GAS” (9) Polar, uncharged amino acids: "Some Testy Cats Never Quit” (11) Negatively charged amino acids: "Dead End” (12) Amino acid Isoelectric points (13) Spinal column (14) Elbow joint (15) Lateral to medial organization: "NAVEL” (16) Lung lobe/Heart valve


Summary of Function of Cranial Nerves. 1. Olfactory nerve 2. Optic nerve 3. Oculomotor nerve 4. Trochlear nerve 5. Trigeminal nerve 6. Abducent nerve.


Dentaltown - The trigeminal nerve, a.k.a. the fifth cranial nerve, or simply CN V, is responsible for sensation in the face and motor functions such as biting and chewing. It has 3 major branches: 1. V1 - ophthalmic nerve 2. V2 - maxillary nerve 3. V3 - mandibular nerve


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