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There's a whole new legendary pokemon in town! This epic (and adorable) Pikachu x Deadpool mashup art was created by Ramtraz, and is so awesome that even Ryan Reynolds liked it. See Marvel's Wade Wilson (The Merc With The Mouth), in a whole new way... as a cute, furry rodent who spits lightning. You'll need a Master Ball to catch him, in Pokemon Go :)

from Golden Moustache

Les terrariums Pokémon : des Pokéball transparentes et badass


Our eyes are so quickly drawn to the stark contrast of the horns the rest of the piece in color, tone, and angle. It does what antlers do in the real world...create a sense of intimidation and grace.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

CAFE Board Wizard of Oz Theme

This is a game based on Pokemon cards. Students create a "card" and tell their classmates about themselves. Then they hide their cards and go on a hunt to find their classmate's cards. This is a fun low tech, no tech way to build community in your classroom.