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"A Woman is Not a Barcode." Thanks to Emily McClain for sharing this great painting with us! Emily was inspired to create this to bring attention to the issue of human trafficking.


Barcode Charts

Artistic UCC Barcode Designs from Japan

Barcodes... they're those black & white striped patterns that nearly every retail product sports these days. Now Japan's creative community has partnered with big corporations to add a life & laughs to boring old universal product bar


Zeppelin Mens Watch LZ127 Graf XL Chronograph Quartz Stainless Steel 7684 M5 You have to hand it to Zeppelin, they know how to manufacture and design timeless watches. This Mens Graff Zeppelin Watch 7684M-5 epitomises the Zeppelin ethos, creating (Barcode EAN = 4041338768404) graf-xl-chronograph-quartz-stainless-steel-7684 m5.asp

How to create QR codes. I had students create video book reviews and the librarian put the QR codes for the videos onto the books in our library.