DIY: cut stencil out of cardboard, cut out shapes from magazine pages, create collage!

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Nunn Design member Cheryl discovered that if she poured her left over resin onto a piece of plastic and let it cure for 12 hours, it would be soft and malleable enough to punch and cut. Once the leftover cured resin was cut into pieces, Cheryl created collage-like images within Open Hoops and Nunn Design Adjustable Rings. This technique allows a resin jewelry artist to utilize every last drop of resin.

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From my love for beachcombing, I create collages of little families from the pebbles, shell bits and sea glass I find on the Kennebunk Beach in Maine. No two are alike. Families come in three sizes: f

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Maker...kitsch,cute and whimsical print of a girl blowing planets like bubbles from a pipe to create the solar system surreal but simple

Fantastic way of mixing things that shouldn't work. Experimentation is key with collage. I don't like creating collages without the main images being my own work, but it could be interesting to incorporate other work, old photographs, sketches, patterns etc

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heart 4 and I was amazed! This website lets you upload pictures, make them into a shape collage, and order high-quality prints. You can share collages online for free on Facebook or via a direct link. Each collage can include hundreds of pictures arranged however you like.

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