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Behind the Design: Creating My Logo and Header

Behind the Design: Creating My Logo and Header- improve your design skills with a peek into the design process

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How to Create a Transparent Watermark *for Free* in PicMonkey! Being able to just paste my logo will save me so much time - love this!

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Locate your Brand on the Color Spectrum – A Logo Wheel!!

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Oh My! Designer's Toolkit

Oh My! Designer's Toolkit

Oh My! Designer's Toolkit was created to help designers make eye-candy scenes that will arouse positive emotions. Create scenes in Photoshop easily and use graphics for individual or commercial projects. Download it here:

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Circle Animal Logos With Tom Anders Watkins

Using circles to created alternative shapes, very modern style. Used by twitters logo, could utilise this technique for my own work:

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I'd love to get the spider, in black ink, very small on my ankle, to remind me not to be afraid and just because it's an amazing spider

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Photography Logo

Supposed to be a logo, yet the only thing I though of was: oxygen has a 2- charge, not a 1-....ap chem has ruined my life! @Christian Wilsson Wilsson Wilsson Shaheen

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Free Wilderness Vector Graphics & Logo Template Kit

Awesomesauce free vector download kit on Spoon Graphics. Free Wilderness Logo and Icon Survivial Kit

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