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from Architecture & Design

Kids Fun Comforters To Inspire Great Adventures are available here. Will your child become an astronaut, fireman or race care driver? What about your daughter?

from DesignBump

We spend a lot of our time sleeping, so it's no surprise that we need to choose the right best. In this article we'll be looking at some weird and creative beds. Picking an ordinary looking bed is what most of us do, but did you know that beds are being redesigning by some cool industrial designers? We've taken a look at some surreal and crazy must see bed designs you might consider sleeping on.

from Fubiz Media

I love this idea for a bed. Yes, a kids bed. But c'mon. It would be a fun adult bed too! —

from 123 Inspiration

Sonic Bed - allows you to sink into your bed and listen to music that flows through your body

from Architecture & Design

Doodle Duvet Cover: The duvet cover comes with 8 washable doodle pens so you can jot down late-night thoughts, draw a masterpiece, write a story or leave a message – then wash your duvet cover for a totally fresh start! what a cute idea! i sooo want this!

from Oddee

the hanging bed, not really hanging but appears to be floating, comes in king and queen, without mattress $5,500