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This is so often how I feel when complimented. Not that compliments are never appreciated...but when a guy mindlessly blows past the fact that I'm an interesting individual for reasons having NOTHING to do with my beauty or "hotness" (god, I'm so bored with that adjective!) to divert the conversation we COULD be having to talk about my looks...that annoys the crap outta me!!!

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Wow! This so true. It wasn't until I met you that I really started knowing who I was or what I really wanted in life. You have changed my life in so many ways and I'm thankful for you!

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Meredith: Did you get the page? Lockdown? Cristina: Yeah. I mean, whatever. It means we can't leave. I never leave here anyway so what do I care? Grey's Anatomy quotes

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While Yang did have her on-and-off romances, her best storylines always revolved around her work. | If Cristina Yang Were The Main Character Of "Grey's Anatomy"

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"Also, the automatic paper towl thingy won't recognize me as human. I'm just standing there waving my hands like an idiot." Cristina Yang; Grey's Anatomy quotes

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