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Croatian Language Lessons - Learn the Croatian language online for free at - Croatian phrases, vocabulary and grammar


NOTE the \G\, glagol, resembles the VM character that looks like 4o. I believe the 4o character is \g\, \go\ or \ju\. CROATIAN LANGUAGE | Other National Identities


Danica Ilirska, Ljudevit Gaj’s newspaper In the 19th century Croatian romantic nationalism emerged to counteract the non-violent but apparent Germanization and Magyarization. The Croatian national revival began in the 1830s with the Illyrian movement (Ilirski pokret). The movement attracted a number of influential figures and produced some important advances in the Croatian language and culture. The champion of the Illyrian movement was Ljudevit Gaj who also reformed and standardized the C


Nikola Tesla's autobiography as it was presented on Croatian TV (English subtitles-Croatian audio) - 'the actor Rade Serbedjija is reading text as Nikola Tesla. most of the text is from Tesla's own autobiography - " My Inventions" which is possible to download from Net both in English and Serbo-Croatian language'

from Chasing the Donkey

Language in Croatia: How to say (?) in Croatian

Language in Croatia: How to say (?) in Croatian. Your guide to Croatian phrases with pronunciation, that’ll help you sound like a local for your upcoming Croatian holiday.