Crochet Towel Holder - I love this so much more than covered tops on the towels! Easy to get on/off the oven door; towel works better; works with all the towels I already have!

Use any towel besides grandmas with the crochet connection. Little Birdie Secrets: crocheted towel holder pattern (or buy at her Etsy shop)

crochet towel holder free patterns | Crochet Towel ... by CrochetItBaby | Crocheting Pattern

Crocheted Towel Holder with Recycled (plastic drink) Ring (free crochet pattern)

crochet towel holder Nice design and SO HANDY! FREE pattern :D

Delights-Gems: Daisy Towel Holder

Crochet Towel Holders - by Bonnie Pratte

Hand crochet towel holder

Crochet several of these and put them in handy places throughout your kitchen; on the oven door and the refrigerator handle are the best places for these. My version is different from most since I don't cut the towel in half, but fold it and use the whole towel.

Crochet towel holder - just a rectangle with a loop on each end. No buttons to sew!

I like the towel toppers that have a concealed crochet chain so you can hang a towel over the chain without having to cut the towel in half and deal with the cut edge.

Tales of a Crafty Mommy: Crochet Towel Holder Tutorial

Towel Topper Crochet Pattern » Modern Crochet Patterns

#Crochet-Crochet!! Towel Holder | Cherished Handmade Treasures

Knit Tea Towel Topper - I think I like the idea of knitting this holder rather than directly on to the towel itself. So handy and quick.

Looking for a crocheting pattern for your next project? Look no further than Oven Handle Dress Towel Topper from BrendaCreated! - via Craftsy

crocheted towel holder pattern | Little Birdie Secrets