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Day in pictures: 15 September 2011

"Cassius Clay, a 100-year-old saltwater crocodile, awaits a weigh-in at his pool in Queensland, Australia. He has officially been recognized by Guinness as the largest crocodile in captivity anywhere in the world."

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Skull fragments reveal new ancient crocodile species

A new species of crocodile which walked the earth 126 million years ago has been discovered after a pair of skull fragments were found three months apart. It is known as the button-toothed crocodile and is thought to have measured around long

#11 Go for a swim in Australia ... with crocodiles! Thrill-seekers have travelled down under to swim up and next to massive saltwater crocodiles. Tourists can climb into a clear acrylic "cage of death" and cozy up to the largest crocodile species on earth.

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Brutus the giant croc who was pictured eating a bull shark is a star

Brutus is one of the many saltwater crocodiles living in the Northern Territory, tourists are often 'overawed' by the giant creatures

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Human activity 'driving half of world's crocodile species to extinction' by Supertrooper

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American Crocodiles, American Crocodile Pictures, American Crocodile Facts

[Protected Status: ENDANGERED] The American crocodile is considered an endangered species in nearly all parts of its North, Central, and South American range. Survey data, except in the United States, is poor or nonexistent, but conservationists agree that illegal hunting and habitat depletion has reduced populations of this wide-ranging reptile to critical levels.

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