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It’s raining cats and dogs in Sugar Valley! The grounds are a minty mess and all the Candy Fairies are worried about their crops getting soaked and keeping their wings dry! But Dash is most upset about the weather. There was supposed to be a Royal Mint Jubilee at the castle and Dash and two other Mint Fairies have been working on a float for the event for weeks! But between the heavy downpour and mean words from the Mint Fairies, Dash wants to call it quits.


Mark Twain’s Civil War Experience

Mark Twain in February of 1871. Twain served in a Confederate militia, the Marion Rangers, but only lasted two weeks before he quit. #civilwar


Goddess Aine

Áine - "Aine (pronounced AW-neh) was one of the very ancient and powerful Goddesses of sovereignty in Ireland. She was a fertility Goddess in that She had control and command over crops and animals and encouraged human love. ”One of the great Goddesses of ancient Ireland survives in modern times as the queen of the fairies of south Munster, the southwest corner of the island, who is said to haunt Knockainy Hill there."


Tips For Preventing Bolting In Broccoli Plants

Bolting Broccoli: Growing Broccoli In Hot Weather - Broccoli is a cold weather crop, meaning that it will bolt or go to flower if it's too warm. To get tips for preventing bolting in broccoli plants and how to grow the crop in hot weather, read this article.


15 Cauliflower Recipes To Keep You Healthy

Did you know that cauliflower is a fall crop, meaning it’s at its cheapest and freshest? Here are 15 healthy cauliflower recipes to help make the most of it!