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How to Cheaply Organize your Seeds

Oh the excitement this time of the year! When the holidays are over and the New Year has begun many people feel renewed with hopes, goals and dreams. As a gardener the turn of the New Year is garden planning season. I love seed catalogs, I love shopping for new unique or heirloom varietie

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7 year organic vegetable crop rotation using no-till and cover crop cocktails. Weeds are removed every 3-4 years when root crops are harvested and the soil has to be disturbed anyway.

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We may have figured out what's killing the bees. Are we brave enough to save them?

Nearly of honey bees have perished in just a few years, and honeybees pollinate of all the food we eat. This is a closer look at a major cause of widespread bee die-offs, what it means to us, and how we can help.

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How much land do you need to be self sufficient

1 acre self sustaining homestead. All we'd need would be a well and some solar panels and we could go off the grid. That would be a dream come true.

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Starting a lavender farm can be a great way to make money from agritourism, as well as from value-added products, like lavender oil.

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9 Crops to Grow for Food Storage

If you have an area in your basement that stays cool all winter long, you can make use of these cold spots to keep storage crops fresh well into winter. Try experimenting with growing some of these keeper crops for winter food storage.

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Growing Backyard Figs

Growing your own figs is an easy way to start into home fruit production. Add these simple tips to an easy-to-grow crop and you're setup for success.

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How to choose your perfect layout for your garden, so that you can get your best harvest ever from the space that you have by using either traditional beds or raised ones and a well defined pathway system. A must for people setting up a new garden or replacing an existing one for maximum crop production.

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"An Innovative Way For Heating Greenhouses Using Solar Energy During The Winter For Summer Crop Production" - “Wall of water” made of black PE water tubes. "...a simple, sustainable, nonpolluting, no emissions system for growing summer crops in winter by raising the temperature using only solar energy."

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Crop Rotation Guide

Learn more about crop rotation from my crop rotation guide. This guide will help you have the healthiest garden possible by allowing your plants to properly rotate for optimal soil health.

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