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Co-occurrence: Cross-Sectional Cohort Phenotype Comparison Visualizations | Autodesk Research

Hypothetical scheme of fat, fatty acid (ω6, ω3, trans, and total) intake (as percent of calories from fat). Data were extrapolated from cross-sectional analyses of contemporary hunter-gatherer populations and from longitudinal observations

This cross-sectional analysis of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data investigates whether higher consumption of foods derived from subsidized food commodities is associated with adverse cardiometabolic risk in the adult general population.

PLOS ONE: The Relationship of Sugar to Population-Level Diabetes Prevalence: An Econometric Analysis of Repeated Cross-Sectional Data

Epigenetic variation during the adult lifespan: cross-sectional and longitudinal data on monozygotic twin pairs


Searching for unpublished data for Cochrane reviews: cross sectional study | BMJ