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Prevalence of and factors associated with non-partner rape perpetration: findings from the UN Multi-country Cross-sectional Study on Men and...

How Lucky am I to have something that makes saying…


Difficulties in Eliminating Measles and Controlling Rubella and Mumps: A Cross-Sectional Study of a First Measles and Rubella Vaccination and a Second Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccination

Effect of gravity on volume of placental transfusion: a multicentre, randomised, non-inferiority trial : The Lancet

brain anatomy | MRI coronal brain anatomy | free MRI cross sectional anatomy |


A new HPV-DNA test for cervical-cancer screening in developing regions: a cross-sectional study of clinical accuracy in rural China

♥♥ Pain Sensitivity and Analgesic Effects of Mindful States in Zen Meditators: A Cross-Sectional Study

Traffic-Related Air Pollution, Noise at School, and Behavioral Problems in Barcelona Schoolchildren: A Cross-Sectional Study - Environmental Health Perspectives #school #airpollution #noisepollution #behavioralhealth #ADHD


Cross sectional imaging anatomy thorax - youtube, This video deals with the anatomy of the thorax in transverse anatomical and axial ct sections. Description from I searched for this on