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Activists protesting against oil spills, oil drilling and climate change can make a bold statement by using their bodies as a canvas, covered in fake oil, to remind people just how dirty crude oil really is. These were protests against Cairn Energy drilling in the Gulf of Valencia, BP funding of Tate Museum, and Canadian tar sands oil in Europe.


How Much Oil is Left Infographic% infographic


The way of the future for the fracking industry is upon us. With5 oil at a stand still right now new fracking technology can take a leap into production! The way of the future for the fracking industry is dissolvable frack balls. See what all the hypes about here @ #dissolvablefracballs


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In the domestic market on Thursday Crude oil futures rallied richly as traders cheered the biggest drop in US supplies since 1999, easing fears above a global supply excess in the energy commodity.

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Crude oil futures closed higher in the domestic market on Friday as Saudi Oil Minister Khalid Al-Falih said a crude production freeze by major producers would be positive

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