Cry baby in spanish

My daughter is two and a half years old, and she talks a lot! She talks, sings, screams, laughs and cries. Constantly. She gets quiet only when she eats or sleeps. I guess she started to talk using three word sentences when she had 18 months, and everyone kept telling me how amazing it was … Read more...

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Yes I'm bilingual I can cry in English and Spanish funny baby onesie. $12.50, via Etsy.

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I stand on the kitchen, baking a cake and when suddenly i see a puddle where i was standing and my eyes widen "T-Tyler?" i frown and sigh, freaking out - cry baby

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I also made a choice after reading this... THE CHOICE TO SHED MORE TEARS OVER BUCKY BARNES

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I love this idea for kids, decorate them and put them in the garden, or in a jar at your OOSH. More great ideas at

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Dylan won't ever get to walk with my dad, but I have no doubt they would have thought each other were 'grand'.....

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im in class and i kinda just snorted at this but luckily the teacher was playing a weird spanish song really loud

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