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Very funny :)>>> FUNNY???? Are you kidding me? They DIED. FANS DID THIS TO THEIR MEMORIAL AND YOU THINK ITS FUNNY?? For goodness sake

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"My 12 year old son decorated our tree to surprise me. When he showed me he said look mom I even put an Angel on the top. It was the picture of his brother who passed away last November. "

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SHUT UP KID, WE'RE TRYING TO WATCH THE MOVIE!! *Picks up kid and pulls plug* *Sets kid down as they vibrate*

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This is how we taught our kids to stop whining during chores!

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funny pictures with captions (64 pict) | Funny Pictures
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I wanted to do this just a few hours ago...nothing like having a tantruming toddler kicking the back of your barstool in the BAR section of a restaurant!

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20 Hilarious Reasons Why Kids Have Ended up Crying