crystal light containers...perfect for lunches!

using crystal light containers for grab and go crayons, markers, and colored pencils!

Simply This and that: Hugs and Kisses Gift Idea - Made from Crystal Light Containers

Clear organization containers, i like this, but honestly i dislike the idea of putting forks [spoons, knifes] in a clear container, i mean if it was covored with like a little tag it be better, but however ya'll like it!

31 Days of Getting Organized (Using What You Have) – Day 15: Portable First Aid Kit - Organize and Decorate Everything

The Crafty Blog Stalker: What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container

Here's a quick and easy DIY project to get rid of toothbrush and toothpaste clutter on the bathroom counter. I used empty Crystal Light containers and Scotch Multi-Purpose Velcro fasteners. Easy to clean, too! #toothbrushorganization #organization #bathroomorganization

The Crafty Blog Stalker: What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container

Mich L. in L.A.: Delicious Little Gift Boxes Ever felt bad tossing a Crystal Light drink mix container? This is a great idea, I wish I'd thought of it! - dim

extra use for my crystal light containers. i hate discarding them!!! this is great to fill with a treat

Clever Idea for all those Crystal Light containers Upcycle Crystal Light Containers to Store Veggies in the Fridge!

Craft-O-Maniac: DIY Recycled Frankenstein Treat Boxes from Crystal Light container

Teacher Appreciation Gift - Reese's Pieces in a Crystal Light container... "Thank you for sharing pieces of your knowledge with me this year!"

First day teacher gift. I've been looking for a way to reuse those nice plastic crystal light containers I keep saving. It was perfect for this teacher's first aid kit.

31 Days of Getting Organized (Using What You Have) - Day 10: Organize With Crystal Light Containers - Organize and Decorate Everything

i spy jars: how to make them -

What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container

Recycled Crystal Light Containers @Dora Slyder (the kids could help make then and we could sell these at the UMW Christmas Shop)

pen storage... DIY with recycled Crystal Light containers and some washi tape!

Wonder what to do with your Crystal light container???? Perfect for glue sticks, or crayons !

Crystal light containers make great butter dishes.

Organizing Crafty Supplies with a Thirty-One Littles Carry All Caddy

Little Carry All Caddy with empty Crystal Lite containers #brilliant!

Use empty Crystal Light containers to store your dry erase markers next to your whiteboard. Attach sticky Velcro on the back and hang! Great idea for classrooms.

using leftover crystal light containers for storage. this way things like crackers and pretzels won't get as stale or smashed if you throw them in your backpack for school! so smart!