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For my cub scout pack I made this Dingle Dangle Doodle.

SALE - Cub Scout Popcorn Order Slip - 4x6 and 8 1/2 x 11 - Instant Download - Tiger Thank You Card Receipt - Unlimited Printable Fundraiser Notes. Super cute for Bears, Wolves, Tigers, etc. Get it at!

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LOTS of Cub Scout skits! Surgeon skit, Ice Fishing skit, Pinewood Derby skit, Popcorn skits for Cub Scouts, Fred the Trained Flea skit, Too Tired to Move skit, I Lost the New Kid skit......

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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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Popcorn Fun for Cub Scout Meetings

Have you ever thought about using popcorn as a den or pack meeting theme? Check out these ideas!

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This printable scouting award certificate features popcorn and is to be presented to a scout to recognize efforts in popcorn sales for a fundraiser.

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Cub Scout "Booth" - set up during popcorn-storefront selling or other recruitment events!

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Do It Yourself Popcorn Bar and Other Ideas for New Beginnings or cub scouts or...

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