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Cubs Rumors

For centuries rumors of mysterious white lions had been circulating in South Africa. Confirmation of the existence of white lions only came in the twentieth century. White lions were first recorded in 1928 and in the early 1940s. In 1975, two white cubs were seen at Timbavati Game Reserve, adjacent to Krüger National Park in South Africa. They were roughly two weeks old


When red China invaded Tibet one of the methods that they used was to force a gun in a Tibetan child's hand and make him shoot his entire family. That was sixty years ago. Where was our outrage then? These tactics are still used in African nations and we still have yet to do anything. The question should be "Does the world bear any responsibility for rehabilitating child soldiers?" and the answer would be a resounding and sad 'no'.


Rumors & Rumblings: Maddon tries to keep Cubs rested and sharp = PITTSBURGH — Joe Maddon is walking a fine line during the final week of the regular season. With his team having not only clinched the National League Central but home-field advantage throughout the NL playoffs, the.....

pinklikeme: ““They’re your lions, Allura. What should we do? ” Desperately sticking cotton on my ears and going lalalala about the S2 rumors. Also, lion cubs. C: A sketch that rolled away from me. ”