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This FREEBIE is a poster to help teachers better analyze their students' errors on running records. Determine if students are using meaning, syntax, or visual cues while reading. - Michaela Almeida, Reading Royalty

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Suffixes and Meanings Posters and Guide Sheet

Suffixes and Meanings Poster Set for Grades 2-6. Common Core Aligned. Perfect for helping students have a visual cue for understanding word meaning! Love!

from Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life

What it really means to 'go with the flow' - Danielle LaPorte

This #Truthbomb came from my post: What it really means to ‘Go with the flow’. Click to read the full post.


At a Glance: Trouble Picking Up on Social Cues in Preschool

Preschool is a time for developing social skills and learning to respect other people's feelings. That means recognizing the social cues that come through body language and tone of voice. Learn what happens when preschoolers don't pick up on other people's signals.


This is actually really important but also a little sad. Did Lysandra think well there's nothing I'm really goi g to do with my life do yes Aelin if something happens I'll pretend to be you. Lime I love you Lysandra but you didn't have to make a sacrifice like that!


The holidays are just around the corner and that means A LOT of opportunity for social interactions. Help your students be prepared for those awkward I hate this gift! moments with this freebie!This product targets multiple pragmatic skills such as, inferences, being polite, having manners, interpreting emotions, and problem solving!

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Aikido Principles and Philosophy

May help Asperger children with social proximity, muscle control, vestibular stimulation, tactile contact, reading cues, and is a sport/physical activity were the child only has to focus on one partner at a time.