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Iceberg Concept of Culture- I use this for so many activities in class. Primarily, I use it for students to analyze elements of culture found in literature, movies, and art. It helps them seem deeper than the surface levels of culture.

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Cereal Box Suitcase ~ World Travels- also great idea for an art portfolio - I may use to "SHow/Suit Case a Country" in Geography!!

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Social Studies Interactive Notebook for Kindergarten

Social Studies Interactive Notebook Kindergarten

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Around the World Music

By integrating music into your classroom, you are introducing a new take on that subject. Music is relating and filled with emotion. When learning about a new culture, why not show your students the music, activities, and customs of that culture. Students need to be given an opportunity to see that a culture is just another group of people, just like them. Not a definition to remember on a multiple choice exam.

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This flowchart helps me remember the 5 themes because it shows pictures, definitions, and examples of each theme. Mrs. Tweedt

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