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Cumulative damage

Negative, adverse effects of marijuana (INFOGRAPHIC) | "a" is for addiction Addiction Blog

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A 30-Second Fix For Back Pain

A 30-Second Fix For Back Pain As much as we try to avoid it, most us sit a whole lot more than we should. One of the major downsides: Our hamstrings become chronically tight, which can lead to lower back pain. But adding this easy hamstring stretch to your daily routine can help undo the cumulative damage and help you feel more comfortable in your body.

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12 Ways Your Body Tries To Tell You That Your Liver Is Being Damaged

Liver damage can go unchecked for years, and the cumulative damage can eventually lead to total failure. It’s the largest internal organ, and it needs your help to remain healthy. The liver can regenerate, and it’s highly resilient. This means that it can continue functioning even when it’s seriously damaged. Learning how to watch for key warning signs is vital in order to keep the liver healthy and functioning properly.

The Trust Destroyers --- The cumulative damage of today’s ethos of doing whatever it takes to win, even at the cost of undermining the integrity of our system, is incalculable.

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Alcohol Can Cause Hearing Loss for Even Moderate Drinkers

One study found that damage to the central auditory pathways can occur in even low-risk "social" drinkers - as well as moderate and heavy drinkers - as their cumulative, life-long alcohol consumption increases.

Fluoride is mostly seen as a cumulative toxin that accumulates in our bodies and can manifest itself in problems over time, including dental fluorosis, or far worse health problem

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Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause cumulative damage to your eyes as you age - find out how to choose the best sunglasses, to prevent avoid sun damage, cataracts and other eye problems.

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Surviving Tracy

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. One of my favorite books I read in 2012. I love her strong but damaged heroins.

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