Cupcakes are a childhood favorite because the decadent treats are just the right size for satisfying a small one's sweet tooth. But, transporting the tiny cakes to a class party or potluck dinner can be a bit of a pain. Many a mother has driven

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Eat. Keep. Love! (Beautiful Carriers for Homemade Hostess Gifts): Instead of delivering your goods in Tupperware or Ziploc bags or a plate covered with foil, you can bestow sweets and savories in carriers and containers.

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Wizard of Oz party cupcakes I made. "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and emerald city. $1 walmart cupcake carriers.

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Transport up to 36 cupcakes and deliver them damage free! The cupcake carrier features three stackable trays that carry up twelve cupcakes muffins or any other dessert with a base less than 3 inches in diameter. This dessert carrier can also be used to transport cakes!

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