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AWF – Check out the Rhino!

In the wild, the adult black or white rhino has no predators except for humans. Rhinos are hunted and killed for their horns. The major demand for rhino horn is in Asia, where it is used in ornamental carvings and traditional medicine. Rhino horn is touted as a cure for hangovers, cancer, and impotence. Their horns are not true horns; they are actually made of keratin—the same material that makes up our hair and nails.

Rhino murdered for Chinese medicine (c) WWF Rhino horn is not medicine. Rhinos are being killed because of the continued use of rhino horn in traditional Chinese medicine — and recent rumors that rhino horn can cure everything from hangovers to cancer — despite the fact rhino horn has no medicinal value.

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Which Painkiller Is Really The Best Cure For Hangovers?

Which Painkiller Is Really The Best Cure For Hangovers? Aleve Liquid Gels Rating: * * * * * Unlike Tylenol and Advil, 1-2 Aleve tablets can seriously last you a good 12-24 hours. Another Aleve positive is that in addition to providing headache relief, we’ve personally found that although not advertised, the gels can lessen nausea as well.

Best Cure for Hangover Ever! Easy to follow steps that have you feeling great in no time.

Too much partying last night? Before making the promise of never drinking again- which you know you won't keep- try these 10 best cures for hangover woes!

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Cures for Hangovers From Some of Literature's Best Drinkers | Quirk Books : Publishers & Seekers of All Things Awesome

Let’s have a little conventional start! Many scientists say best cure for hangover is to drink less, or stop it at all! So, basically a cure to hangover doesn’t exist you can only make it better or worse. #BestCureForHangover #IVHangoverCure #IVHydrationTherapyInChicago #IVLuxury