Curiosity’s Mars Landing. After travelling in space for more than eight months since its launch in November 2011, the Mars Science Laboratory will finally land its rover on the red planet in Aug, to begin two years of unprecedented scientific work and search for any evidence of life. Graphic is a diagram of Rover Curiosity and some of its fascinating technology. #Scientific #Space #Exploration

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Curiosity Mars rover has provided numerous intriguing insights into the mysteries of the Red Planet since it landed on the Martian surface two years ago. Description from I searched for this on

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Billion-Pixel View From Curiosity at Rocknest, Raw Color. This full-circle, reduced view combined nearly 900 images taken by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover, generating a panorama with 1.3 billion pixels in the full-resolution version. The view is centered toward the south, with north at both ends. It shows Curiosity at the "Rocknest" site where the rover scooped up samples of windblown dust and sand. Curiosity used three cameras to take the component images on several different days between…

Un anno fa esatto il rover #curiosity veniva lanciato alla volta di #marte. Lo sapevate che Curiosity è grande quanto un'auutomobile? E che non è atterrato solo con un semplice paracadute ma con un complicato sistema di retrorazzi? Landing Sequence of the Curiosity Mars Rover

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Follow Your Curiosity !!! And let the science begin! Gold Medal to all of the engineers of JPL and NASA (grad school paid off!!!!) and we are proud of all of you!

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