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Curly Hair’s Mortal Enemy Hair products that contain ethyl, SD alcohol or isopropyl are curly hair’s mortal enemy! These particular alcohols are very drying to kinky, coily and curly hair, so they should be avoided at all cost. If you began to notice, that your hair products are starting to make your hair dry, crispy, hard or crunchy most likely they contain these harsh alcohols, so always remember to check the back of your ingredients.


20 Hairstyles and Haircuts for Curly Hair: Curliness Is Next to Goddiness!

Curly Bob With Side Bangs When you stop fighting with your disobedient curls and begin to enjoy them, you are going to get a gorgeously messy look like this. And a chin-length bob with layers and side bangs is a perfect basic cut for such a nonchalant curly hairstyle.