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Black currants have twice the antioxidants of blueberries, double the vitamin C of oranges, and double the potassium of bananas, among other health virtues. Zones 4-7.

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Currants are so beautiful.  How can I resist growing them?
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Black Currant 'Titania' Black Currant 'Titania' (Ribes Rubrum) are low-maintenance plants that are undemanding as to soil type, so they can be grown in any garden. Nothing is tastier than freshly picked currants in summer. They are so healthy and nutritious. The currants can be harvested in July. Height supplied 30-40 cm.

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HOW TO; PRUNE SOFT FRUT SHRUBS AND VINES. Pruning soft fruits at the right time is essential to keeping plants productive. Follow our guide to get the most out of your fruit bushes and vines.

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Currants: red, black, white. Can be grown vertically, can be grown in shade. Make an excellent sacrificial berry to distract birds from other berries

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Crisp-Chewy Fruity Cookie Squares - Buttery, sugary and filled with plump black currants and lemon zest. | Pebbly Beach Fruit Squares - Instead of black currants, use another type of moist dried fruit (one kind or a combination); such as dark or golden raisins; dried sour cherries; dried cranberries; coarsely chopped dates; dried apricots, or prunes; finely chopped candied ginger.

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