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Curriculum 3rd

CCSS Aligned Horrible Harry Moves up to Third Grade Book Study 29 Pages

If you enjoy this book study, check out myThird Grade Angels Book Study here:


Testing time! This week I’m happy to give our 3 rd graders (and their teachers) J a break from the stress from the testing cycle t...


Common Core Math Task Cards - Factors and Multiples CCSS 4.OA.B.4

Common Core Math Task Cards - Factors and Multiples CCSS 4.OA.4 Self checking task cards available for each 3 rd and 4th grade math Common Core Standard! Yes please! $


Oobleck! Science Activity Preschool - 3 rd grade, provides measurement, pouring, mixing along with sensory. SC.1.41 Use a variety of " scientific tools" (e.g., balance scales, magnifying glass, measuring cups, food coloring) to investigate the environment and to gather information. SC.1.87 Manipulate objects.


My seven-year-old is finishing up third grade and I wanted to share how do we homeschool 3-rd grade, in case you may find our curriculum useful or inspirational in any way. You can see what we did for pre-K and … Read more


Roman sword (Einang type) pattern-welded blade, gold inlayed scabbard chape, hilt from bone Epoch: end of 3.rd century AC