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Cutting Ties

Sometimes you have to cut ties with people who aren't good for you. The love isn't lost, but the communication isn't healthy. We move on. | unluckymonster made this with

from The Huffington Post

8 Reasons We May Need to Cut Ties With Family Members to Be Healthy

#3 folks! And it took lots of prayer. Until the Lord leads me in a different path, I'll just listen and let him do the work. You only need be still! God is good!


The path to freedom is illuminated by the bridges you have burned, adorned by the ties you have cut, and cleared by the drama you have left behind. Let go. Be free. - Steve Maraboli


Gotta let it go! I've had to part ways with 3 people since I've been here not because I wanted to so much as I needed to. Anybody that can love you in front of you, but will talk shit about you behind your back deserves no place in your life. I've lived many places and this is the only place I have ever lived where I have had to cut ties with someone for my own well being.


You should never have to tell another adult to be respectful. Being disrespectful is a narcissistic behavior.

from petitemagique

Rant: Fake Friends and a Poem

Yes! This is so true for me. When someone is constantly messing up or doing things that bother me, I just cut ties with them. No explanation and no more chances. I don't need to justify myself to anyone. Especially not someone I don't want in my life.