It's important to know what types of bullying/inappropriate behaviors exist to try to prevent or avoid them.

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This is an article on six different cases of cyberbullying. It explains what happened to the people when they were cyber bullied and what happened afterwards. The real life examples bring more inspiration and insight for how some of them ended up.

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Great anti bullying activities get kids thinking and make an impact. This article is written by a teacher who was cyber bullied. She explains what would have helped her and so what may help kids who are bullied. Listening is a great start, but there are so many other things that we can do! Bonus: There is a free download in this article of the 5 free resources she uses to start off anti bullying activities with kids. Those first few minutes of a lesson are important & these are really…

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It is so important to understand real cyber bullying facts. There is a lot of information out there that is untrue and not helpful. This is a straight to the heart of things article about what really happens to people when they are bullied, what bullying feels like, and how to help someone who has been bulled. Bonus: There is a free download of how to talk kids about cyber bullying in this post!

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MEDIA: This article is about a young teenager who apparently killed herself because of consistent cyber bullying. According to the article, 1 in 4 teens are cyber bullied. Another statistic that shows how cyber bullying is a major issue, is that suicide rates among teenagers has increased by 50% since the 1980's. I think with all of the technology that surrounds teenagers today, it is easier to bully others when the personal aspect of an in-person confrontation is taken away.

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