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Cyborg If u can't read it it says, "Blue Stability, Harmony, Trust, Loyalty, Devotion"


If you take this in to account, a cyborg could mean anything. In this particular book, a cyborg is a person who is partially made up of mechanical parts, and because so is treated as a lesser being.


Poor Cyborg, he is forever alone!!! Well I think there was too much Robin and Starfire love in my opinion. I'am a big supporter of Raven and BeastBoy and I think if they made a sixth season then it would have a lot of Raven and BeastBoy love. Come on let's face it, everyone knew from like the first season Robin and Starfire would be together. I mean duh, he thinks she's hot!!!! Also they kissed and had a lot of moments, but Raven and BeastBoy. Come on opposites attract!!!


The Journal of Geoethical Nanotechnology welcomes submissions of scholarly articles relating to neuro-nanotechnology, the use of atomic-size devices to interface with neurons. Geoethical aspects of neuro-nanotechnology include the impact of its use on others, the accessibility of it to all, and independent means of monitoring its compliance with widely agreed-upon norms.