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What is PCOS?

What is PCOS? Wow, finally such a great way to explain to ppl what it is. I have great ladies in my life that walked me through it before I was officially diagnosed. It's good to know why your body does what it does...


PKD is an illness that can cause constant cyst formation in kidney. These cysts are harmless at all when they are in small size, however, the problem is kidney cysts in PKD enlarge over time. For this reason, PKD patients run high risk for end stage kidney failure which is very life-threatening. Since large cysts in kidney are dangerous, well how to get rid of cysts in kidney without any harms to kidney?

A small cyst in kidney is not deadly, but if we fail to manage it well, it will enlarge over time and cause a series of serious health tissues. Foods we eat affect our physical condition directly, so when there are cysts in kidney, we need to avoid foods that may worsen our health condition and affect our kidney cyst.

How to treat the 6.3*4.5 cm cyst in kidney? Kidney cyst is a common kidney disease for people who is older then 50 years old, and the kidney cyst can be caused by many factors. A 6.3*4.5 cm kidney cyst is really a big one for kidney cyst patients. In this article, we will introduce the treatment for kidney cyst patients.


Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a genetic disorder characterized by the growth of numerous cysts in the kidneys. When cysts form in the kidneys, they are filled with fluid. PKD cysts can profoundly enlarge the kidneys while replacing much of the normal structure, resulting in reduced kidney function and leading to kidney failure. @Tammy Gedelian@Katie Gedelian


Do cysts cause other complications? For this question, it depends on which kind of cyst. In general, simple cyst in kidney can cause no complications on most occasions, while multiple cysts in kidney always lead to many complications in the long term.

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CT Scan of Abdomen and Pelvis With and Without Contrast

Abdominal CT scan of an adult with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease. Extensive cyst formation is seen over both kidneys, with a few cysts in the liver as well.


Kidney cyst is a common kidney disease with several fluid-filled cysts in kidneys. Most of the patients may have no symptoms when they get kidney cysts, but for some patients, they may have enlarged kidney cysts, which will cause kidney damage. When the big kidney cysts caused severe kidney damage, then people will suffer from end stage kidney cyst. Then what are the symptoms for end stage kidney cysts?


If a small cyst is found in kidney, it can be left alone, as small kidney cysts are usually harmless. However, if a large cyst is detected with B ultrasound or CT (computed tomography), treatment is needed to remove it or shrink it, because large cyst in kidney is very dangerous. Well, what are the dangers of large cysts in kidney?

Kidney cyst is a common kidney disease for people older than 50 years old, and it can be caused by many factors. The cortical cyst in kidney refers to the fluid-filled sac formed on cortical area of kidney. In some cases, the cyst can get enlarged over time, which can oppress surrounding kidney tissues and cause kidney damage. So patients need to take early treatment to control it. Then what is the treatment for cortical cyst in left kidney?