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A Collection of Czech Christmas Cookie (Vanocni Cukrovi) Recipes

Czech Christmas Cookie Recipes - Vanocni Cukovri: Jam-Filled Cookies Recipe - Dulkove Kolacky

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Czechoslovakian Bublanina Fruit Dessert

Czechoslovakian Bublanina Dessert Recipe - like a coffeecake with fruit...I have some blueberries in my fridge, I just might try this

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Cinnamon-sugar doughnut ice cream cones, lined with Nutella, from Prague's Good Food Coffee and Bakery. Cinnamon-sugar. A riff on trdelníks, a traditional Czech pastry made from grilled dough.

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Dukatove buchticky- very popular Czech dessert/meal, it is served with vanilla sauce......uhhhhhhmmmm... yum

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Czech Christmas magic: vanilla crescents / Ceska Vanocni specialitka: Vanilkove rohlicky | Czechmatediary

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Kolachky Cookies

These Kolachky Cookies have a melt in your mouth cookie base and are topped with sweet preserves. Don't forget the extra powdered sugar! Bake for your cookie exchange!

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Another classic Czech recipe….BUBLANINA / (“bubbly sweet bread”)

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