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D-dimer use in the Emergency Department. Well, in my personal case, I'm very glad they didn't follow this guideline or they wouldn't have done a D-dimer in either case where I had a DVT that each time resulted in a "massive" Bilateral Pulmonary Embolism. Just goes to show, handy little flow charts aren't perfect. On my second PE, they checked me out, said I had some unexplained heart issue and sent me home. Luckily, they did send in a D-dimer. When they got the results, they called me back…


D-dimer's used to detect thromboses caused by DVT or PE. Been hearing this one thrown around a lot in the ER.


DNA Replication Process [3D Animation] video --- This video shows the DNA replication of E. coli bacteria. The mechanisms of the replication fork are very helpful in studying the process visually.

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Diagnostic algorithm for the hemodynamically stable outpatient. (A) Angio-CT, computed tomography angiography. 1Refers to high sensitivity D-dimer. In the case of less sensitive D-dimer, PE can only be ruled out in patients with low clinical probability or PE unlikely. 2In case of high clinical probability and negative multidetector angio-CT, additional diagnostic tests are suggested (V/Q scan and/or Doppler ultrasound of lower extremities). (B) DVT, deep vein thrombosis. 1Refers to low or…

Different tests are used to find clots in the body. An ultrasound uses sound waves to form a picture of the clot inside the veins of your body. A blood test for D-dimer indicates if your blood contains a chemical substance called D-dimer, which clots leave behind when they break up. You might need other tests, such as a computerized tomography scan (or CT scan) of the lungs with intravenous (or IV) contrast or a ventilation-perfusion (or VQ) lung scan . These scans can show…